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In 2011 he boarded a cruise ship for the first time. Since then, cruise manager Kalin Dimitrov has specialized in an important type of tasks: Tour arrangements. Visitors rarely notice this, but the set-up of all tour arrangements - local deals with attractions, restaurants, bus companies – all of which he is responsible, backed by secretary Vivien Kallai.

Prior to the tours he manages the settlement of the excursions which are appointed along the route. Kalin Dimitrov is from Sofia, Bulgaria. By virtue of the southern Balkan language-tonque, he communicates with people from Serbia, d Monte Negro, Macedonia and Bosnia in his native Bulgarian language. He also speaks Russian, English, French and a little German.
The Best Travel guide Inga Kofoed arranged a meeting for me with Kalin Dimitrov in order to get a look behind the cruise manager’s job. I opened up with this question:
"Well. When the trip finally starts, I gather, that the rest for you is just a matter of a relaxed journey. True?"
 "No, you can not say that at all! One thing is to settle the arrangements, another, important, thing is to ensure that the journey progresses as scheduled. There may be absence due to sickness causing cancellations, resulting in last minute alterations, and the various places to visit may also have issues, that need to be addressed along the way. In fact, we do not have many so-called "peaceful hours" on the trip. But it is our job, and we check and double check the restaurants and attractions prior to to each visit. As you may remember, there was an episode the other day, when a group of guests should have been on a bus to a winery. The bus broke down on its way in the city, and did not show up. Well delayed we had to summon a number of taxis to take over the task. Such problems are impossible to predict. We must never hesitate, but be apt and prepared to act spontaneously.
"Where will Discovery head next?"
"The day after the present passengers have left, the Discovery will head towards East. We sail along the Rhine, and via the river Main to Regenzburg, where we continue on the Danube to Vienna. We must pass no less than 66 locks along the way. The next tour for Discovery 2 will be from Vienna to Bucharest. This new route will be defeated until the end of October. "
"”Who are coming aboard in Wienna?
Mostly from Denmark and Norway. Discovery is equipped with both 110 and 220 volts of electricity, so there is no need for change at all. From mid December until January Discovery II will be booked for Christmas market tours, also on the Danube".

In Strassbourg operations manager Kalin Dimitrov had planned to send a group of passengers to the winefields surrounding Heidelberg. The bus was struck by a severe machine damage and did not show up. Spare buses were not available with such short notice.

Shortly after, an armada of taxis appeared along River Discovery II

About Operations Manager Kalin Dimitrov:
At Kalin Dimitrovs 4 years of age his father in 1988 was sent to Russia for a job. Kalin went to a russian school until 1991. Back in Sofia he joined a French school in the coming years including high school. At the Sofia University he graduated and obtained a diploma of international relations. During this period he studied three of the seminars in the United States, where he supplemented with special lessons in English.

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