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Having been cruising a few days on the Rhine and the Moselle, the pleasure of experiencing this kind of holiday is wonderful. Even the most stressed workaholic should surrender this adventure, and open up the door to the babbling waters. Enjoy the life on the riverside bank that slowly slides past, while the exterior of the summer’s 27 centigrades replaces the air conditioned temperature in the luxury cabin. The momentum's soothing natural beauty you can spot on your retina. This beautiful moment will go on for an hour. Many hours. Many days. A "pause of life" passes. And passes. The motives are numerous. The mountain peaks with their many castles, forests, birds - the swans, the cormorants, the geese. As well as the one - and only - eagle, which makes my day! From time to time interruptions of barges, which pass along with their 2000-tonne bulk cargo - cement, feed, ore, scrap - steal the picture. A soothing farewell to stress and timid negligence of time.

An unexpected food temple onboard.

Discovery's only five years of age since the launch is felt in several ways. "Everything" works. The standard is emphasized by the beautiful Scandinavian styled furnishing. There is cleanliness all over, check for yourself anywhere under beds and in corners. Silent cruise with only a slight vibration in the 125 metres long hull, even at the maximum of 22 km/h. Low weight = low depth = safe cruise.

A review of the week's menu indicates that the level which Discovery's Chef, Sorin Bubulinis, has introduced onboard, is parallelling a concept of real gourmet food style. There is a new hors d'eouvre and a soup on the menu every day. You can further choose between no less than three different plate-served main courses for lunch each day, one of which is even for vegetarians. This matches the very same procedure at the evening dinner. There are three new wine proposals every lunch and every evening.

This experience was definitely a positive surprise. Best Travels allways include all meals, along with Danish guides on board. A considerable value for money.

These fine details raised my curiosity. I took contact to these staffmembers:


Anton de Bot

Hotel Manager

Josef Fur

Chef de cuisine

Sorin Bubulinis

Operations Manager 
Kalin Dimitrov Dimitrov_GB.html

River Discovery is a sailing hotel, that travels with you, as you slip past the range of wonderful landscapes. Acting as a state-of-the art residence for your vacation.

"How many crew members are there on board the River River Discovery?"

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In 2011 he boarded a cruise ship for the first time. Since then, cruise manager Kalin Dimitrov has specialized in an important type of tasks: Tour arrangements. Visitors rarely notice this, but the set-up of all tour


Good. Better. Best Travel.

Printing story begins here. With the original first printing form, put together with individual types. A very dedicated moment af the  Gutenberg museum in Mainz

Europe parliament in need for a member..

Lift in Koblenz overhead the Discovery

P’tit France in Strasbourg

2000 tons of payload...(!)

Triangle Rhine/Mosel

At the age of 13, he was allowed to control the family's huge riverboat for the first time. Loaded with hundreds of tons of goods.

It was on the river Meuse in France that Captain Anton de Bot had his debut steering the parents' huge riverbarge. His father was standing right behind him.

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Shortly after, an armada of taxis appeared along River Discovery II

The smell gives you the signal of the perfect meal.

As a cook.

And as a guest.

It is Sorin Bubulinis, who orchestrates the tasteful finish of the dishes offered to guests on this week's cruise with River Discovery II.

"How do you make such delicious menus"?

"The basic elements of the menu are

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